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Find your bearings in economics and finance!

About EO

Economics Olympiad is a knowledge competition in economics and finance with 1000s of students participating across Europe.

The Economics Olympiad was established in 2016 with the goal to fill the gap in teaching economics and finance at high schools. During the following 3 years, it became the biggest competition in economics and finance in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with over 20,000 students and more than 550 schools taking part each year. Since 2019, the Economics Olympiad is also organized in Hungary and we are working intensively on spreading the project to other countries. We want to cooperate on our expansion with institutions which are capable of organizing and raise funding for such competition and are able to involve as many students in their country as possible.

The mission of the EO is to improve the economics and finance education of high school students. We aim to do so firstly by reaching to a big number of high school teachers and students and presenting them economics and finance in an interesting way, with emphasis on logical thinking and problem solving, hoping to sparkle their interest in these areas. Secondly, EO is designed to find the most talented young economists and support their growth by connecting them with experts, inspiring them and supporting them on their career path.

The Economics Olympiad is internationally coordinated and organized in 4 competition rounds – the school round, the regional round, the national round and the international finals. Due to our online testing system, we are able to fit the testing into one standard high school class (the school round test takes 40 minutes), thus we can engage a big number of students and obtain lot of data which can be used for further research.



Interview in Hradec Králové!

February 26th, 2020|0 Comments

On 30th January 2020, in Hradec Králové was taken place regional round. Our interview ‘s participants were Adéla from Jiráskovo Gymnasium in Náchod and Velyan from Business Academy in Pardubice. “Test was well-designed, I would [...]

The regional rounds has ended!

February 15th, 2020|0 Comments

Today, on 14th February 2020, ended regional rounds of Olympics of economics. The participants are students, but teachers as their companions could enjoy plan full of lectures and competitions too. Thirteen regional rounds are over! [...]

We started the regional rounds!

January 31st, 2020|0 Comments

The regional rounds will take place from 27/1 - 14/2/2020. The regional rounds will be happening all around the Czech Republic and more than 1000 students will participate. Besides testing, students can experience lectures and [...]

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