In INEV we follow the events in the World from the last few days in absolute shock and deep sadness. We cannot believe that Putin, ignoring history, once again replaced peaceful dialogue and solidarity with lies and an unforgivable act of violent attack on another sovereign country. This unforgivable act deserves our strongest response.

It is not Putin v Ukraine, it is Putin v World.



“Let the knowledge of economic and financial principles be an asset for every individual. Let this common knowledge improve our freedom, politics and society. “






Why should we care more about economic education?

Basic economic knowledge is helping people with preparation for various situations in real life. Understanding different economical consequences builds a better ability to manage money and assets. We all live in a global and internationally connected world. More than ever, we all need to understand the functioning of the global world and international markets and connections. In the 21st century, each and every one of us has access to tons of information from all different sources.

Sometimes we have to look for it and sometimes it just appears in front of us. It is important to understand the background and depth of all different messages from friends, media, and social networks. We believe that many things are connected to the economy, financial stability, state budget, and other topics. Economic education helps to understand and filter information based on logic and critical thinking. Right now, we all see the world changing quickly.

The pandemic brought us new perspectives and is affecting our lives more than anything in the last few years. Understanding economic principles can help us with preparedness for sudden macroeconomic situations, including financial crises.


Why join the Economics Olympiad?

You will bring the impulse of better economic education to your own country. You will build a bridge to thousands of students showing them the importance of their own knowledge. You can motivate dozens of students to study economics on their own and get much more than they get from general education. You will become a part of the network of national organisers that support each other to make a greater impact in their community. You can start with the development of teaching economics and financial literacy in schools as we do. 

 It is worth it. It is life-changing. Become a part of the Economics Olympiad and we will help you with know-how, support, and everything necessary to succeed.

 Please, let us know, you are interested.

Bring EO to your country




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